Gunmaster (not G1 Megatron), fully articulated model but not transformable.


Free Throne: here

Free G1 Optimus Prime: here

Free G1 Bumblebee: here



  1. New Head
  2. New Face with 3 expression (normal, smile, angry)
  3. New Hand (pointed, salute, relax)
  4. New Thigh




  • Skale: 1:30 (20cm)
  • Coloring can be done by using different color of filament (detail on files name)
  • No Support
  • Gap tolerance: 0mm balljoint, 0.05mm swivel, 0.05 peg joint
  • Best print orientation for maximum strength result
  • Easy to print
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to rescale


Point of articulation:

  1. Neck ball joint
  2. Abdomen ball joint
  3. Shoulders ball joint
  4. Upper arm swivel joint
  5. Elbow double ball joint
  6. Wrist swivel
  7. Waist swivel
  8. Hip ball joint
  9. Thigh swivel joint
  10. Knee double ball joint
  11. Ankle ball joint
  12. Toe swivel


Accesories :

  1. Blaster
  2. Mace
  3. Sword
  4. Gun



  • To fix loose ball joint for long term use (use Nail Polish or Super Glue):
  • Cutter or sand paper for tolerance adjustment
  • Use super glue for splited parts


Note: Contact Us if you got any errors. 

Articulated Gunmaster ( Not Megatron )

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  • zip, stl, jpg

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