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Retro Computer Robo
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Free stl Files for 3D Printing Retro Computer Robo Consept Art by Vince Chui

Free stl Files for 3D Printing :

“A side story robot is inspired by the old tech my dad used to bring home as a kid. He was a computer Technician. I grew up with old punch cards. 8 inch floppy disks (that's before 3/4 discs and 3.5 disks). Calculators with roll paper. Tried to give that robot that retro feel in honour of my dad” Vince.

  • 17cm

  • Coloring can be done by using different color of filament (detail on files name)

  • No Support

  • Gap tolerance: 0mm balljoint, 0.05mm swivel, 0.12 peg joint

  • Best print orientation for maximum strength result

  • Easy to print

  • Easy to assemble

  • Easy to rescale

More updates: Here

Point of articulation:

  1. Shoulders

  2. Elbow

  3. Fingers

  4. Rolling Wheels

- Use Nail Polish to fix loose joints
- Cutter or sand paper for tolerance adjustment

Information / Setting

Files Type

.stl, .jpg, .txt, .zip

3d Print Setting

Nozzle: 0.4mm
Layer: 0.15mm
Filamen: PLA
Temperature: 200°C
Speed: 40/s
Skin/top/bottom: 0.8mm
Infill: 25%


Contains small parts and requires high precision. Your printer may need to be properly calibrated for best results.

Information on technical characteristics, the delivery set and the appearance of the goods is for reference only and is based on the latest information available at the time of publication.

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6_TV_Body6_Backpack2_WHITE.stl (133.09 KiB) -- login
7_TV_Body7_ShoulderJoint_BLACK.stl (429.38 KiB) -- login
8_TV_Body8_ShoulderJoint2_SILVER.stl (52.62 KiB) -- login
9_TV_Body9_ButtonsCover_WHITE.stl (483.19 KiB) -- login
10_TV_Body10_Button1_RED.stl (610.04 KiB) -- login
11_TV_Body11_Button2_BLACK.stl (257.89 KiB) -- login
12_TV_Table1_Top_BLACK.stl (506.14 KiB) -- login
13_TV_Table2_Bottom_SKIN.stl (443.73 KiB) -- login
14_TV_Table3_Mildle_SILVER.stl (290.32 KiB) -- login
15_TV_Table4_Button_WHITE.stl (278.99 KiB) -- login
16_TV_Table5_Wheels_BLACK.stl (1024 KiB) -- login
17_TV_Hand1_Shoulder_WHITE.stl (370 KiB) -- login
18_TV_Hand2_Bisep_SILVER.stl (237 KiB) -- login
19_TV_Hand3_ElbowJoint_SILVER.stl (526.25 KiB) -- login
20_TV_Hand4_Forearm1_SILVER.stl (249.11 KiB) -- login
21_TV_Hand5_Forearm2_WHITE.stl (464.54 KiB) -- login
22_TV_Hand6_Forearm3_SILVER.stl (284.07 KiB) -- login
23_TV_Hand7_Fngers_SILVER.stl (951.84 KiB) -- login
24_TV_Acc_Paper_WHITE.stl (49.01 KiB) -- login
FemaleCompRobot_Instruction.JPG (497.25 KiB)
LICENSE & (697 B) (281.26 KiB)