Print result isn’t smooth enough and every part doesn't fit properly
  • Calibrate your printer properly
  • Make sure you print it in right temperature (ex: for PLA material, we set the minimal filament temperature is +5 °C / 41°F)
  • If you print it too fast, it may cause ghosting on surface of the object (we recommend the printing speed is 40 - 60 m/s and for the outer layer is 20 m/s)
  • Decrease the layer height (0.15mm for small figure and 1 mm for the head/face)
Object won’t stick to the print bed
  • Setup your bed leveling properly
  • Use brim for small objects which have small contact to the bed
  • Increase first layer extrusion to 125%-150%
  • If you are using Bulidtak, sand the surface using sand paper
  • Set the printing speed of the first layer to 20 m/s
How to fix loose ball joint?
  • Use clear nail polish. Use it on both female and male ball joint section. Wait until it dry before put them back in place
  • If the ball joint is loose right after printing, It may because of under extrusion. You can increase filament flow rate by 110% to 125%
Finishing touch
  • Use cutter for peg adjustment
  • Use super glue to assemble the part
  • Spray the finishing object using clear coat to protect the object from the weather for long term use.