Can Our Model be Printed With Resin?

Our models are already in high resolution. You can print our models in resin but there are some conditions you should consider:
  1. We designed our models for FDM printers and there are big solid parts without hollowness inside. So you may need to add hollowness in your resin slicer to reduce the amount of resin and save printing cost.
  2. You can use these videos for references:
    • How to add hollowness, Video by TableFlip Foundry
    • Why you should put drainage holes, Video by Mark Rhodes :

  3. You may need to re-orient the print position
  4. You should use Hard Tough resin which is strong enough to hold tensions from articulations.
  5. You should calibrate your printer properly to get the perfect printing size. Our design gap tolerances are: ball joint 0mm, peg 0.15mm, slider 0.25-0.3mm, screw 0.4mm.
  6. If you want to downsize the model you should consider that the thinnest wall thickness is 0.8mm. Please check the parts first.
Hope this information helps.