Free STL files 1:18 Jurassic Park SUV STL

1:18 Jurassic Park SUV
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Free stl Files for 3D Printing 1:18 SUV stl

Free stl Files for 3D Printing from classics dino movie. Compatible with 3.75 inch figure and Super Colossal T.rex toy from Jurassic World Series.

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-Files have been checked in slicer software and 100%work
-Can be printed without support
-No bolt
-Size: L:270mm/ W:110mm/ H:110mm
-Scale: 1:18
-Suitable for 3.75 Inch figure
-5 doors and engine cap can be opened
-Storage for 5th wheel
-Steering front wheels
-Best print orientation for maximum strength result
-Easy to print
-Easy to assemble
-Easy to rescale

Note: You need super glue to assemble the door parts
Tips: Use transparent plastic as window glasses & Print glass roof with transparent filament.

Information / Setting

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.stl, .zip, .jpg

3d Print Setting

Sample Print Setting:
Nozzle: 0.4mm
Layer: 0.1mm
Infill: 15%
Wall: 0.8mm
Filament: Esun PLA+
Temperature: 205°C
Speed: 50/s


Contains small parts and requires high precision. Your printer may need to be properly calibrated for best results.

Information on technical characteristics, the delivery set and the appearance of the goods is for reference only and is based on the latest information available at the time of publication.

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d_Body_Roof1.stl (1018.49 KiB) -- login
e_Body_Roof2_Glass.stl (661.53 KiB) -- login
f_Body_Engine_Cap.stl (562.18 KiB) -- login
g_Body_Back_Storage_Cover.stl (97.51 KiB) -- login
h_Body_Engine_Grail.stl (412.03 KiB) -- login
i_Body_Bumper_Default_Support.stl (5 MiB) -- login
i_Body_Bumper_No_Default_Support.stl (5 MiB) -- login
j_Body_Headlight.stl (676.6 KiB) -- login
k_Body_Exhaust.stl (184.28 KiB) -- login
l_Dashboard.stl (721.18 KiB) -- login
m_Dashboard2_Accesories.stl (810.32 KiB) -- login
n_Door_Side_Bottom.stl (1024 KiB) -- login
o_Door_Side_Top.stl (1024 KiB) -- login
p_Seat_Back.stl (1024 KiB) -- login
q_Seat_Front.stl (1024 KiB) -- login
r_Door_Rear_Top.stl (265.4 KiB) -- login
s_Door_Rear_Bottom.stl (107.36 KiB) -- login
t_Wheel.stl (1024 KiB) -- login
u_Rim.stl (439.21 KiB) -- login
v_Tie_Rods.stl (667.28 KiB) -- login
w_Window_glasses.stl (1024 KiB) -- login (398.86 KiB)